Virtue Dies When Wicked Men Rule

by Annie Holmquist
America’s leaders are lacking in integrity and many Americans are no longer able to think for themselves. Have we reached a point where virtue is a liability?


What Epicurus Can Teach Us about Freedom and Happiness

by Joey Clark
American politics has largely lost its balance of virtue. Where is our temperance in the face of binary choices and ultimatums offered by the State? Where is our hope in the future separate from the State? Where is our sense of justice for those who differ from us?


Retirement for Bureaucrats Is about to Get Expensive

by Daniel J. Mitchell
State governments promise cozy retirement packages and have no idea how to pay for them. I bet I know where they’re going to get the money from...


Passports Were a "Temporary" War Measure

by Speranta Dumitru
In the age of heavily restricted migration, passport control seems a natural prerogative of the state. The idea of abolishing passports is almost unthinkable. But in the 20th century, governments considered their “total abolition” as an important goal, and even discussed the issue at several international conferences.


Why a Crowd of Baseball Fans Chanted "Metro Sucks"

by Michael Sargent
Prior to the game, the Nationals’ star pitcher Max Scherzer incredulously reacted to Metro’s decision not to provide service at the end of Nats’ games. “Isn’t it a supply-and-demand issue?” he wondered.


The Free Market Wins against Discrimination

by David R. Henderson
Think about how little you know about the politics, race, gender, or even nationality of the person who makes the bread you buy. You don't know because you don't care. What you care about is getting the best deal on bread.


Socialism Kills More Babies than War

by Chelsea Follett
Economic policy matters. While Venezuela’s socialism has managed to kill more infants than a full-blown war in Syria, Chile’s incredible success story shows us that by implementing the right policies, humanity can make rapid progress and better protect the youngest, most vulnerable members of society.


Manners, Like Markets, Are Beautiful

by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Without manners, emerging not from legislation but experience, there would prevail the chaos and anomie of hurt feelings, bruised egos, misunderstandings, resentful recriminations, and a total sense of disorientation.


The Independent Workforce Is Taking Over

by Charles Hughes
There are 68 million independent workers in the United States alone. Developments in digital platforms could further transform the market for independent work by allowing for larger scales, richer information signals, and lower barriers to entry for new participants.


Why Doctors Should Be Certified Like Airline Pilots

by Murray Feldstein
Applicants for a pilot’s license have to meet specified, transparent, and objective criteria for basic knowledge and demonstrable skill. It matters not which driving or flight schools they attended. They are being examined for the results of training, not where they completed it.

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